Has Low Inventory Made Your Sales People Weak?

Dealers are working tirelessly to adapt to lower inventory levels but are your people doing the right things to ensure that you are retaining and growing your business in today’s market?

Getting back to good habits will be critical as the market gets competitive again, and that needs to begin now!

Allow Automotivaters, one of the world’s most respected training and performance providers, to team up with you and help build a brilliant team of top performers in every department, including, Managers, Sales, F & I, Service, Internet Managers, BDC, and NEW HIRES!

The quality of Automotivaters training is even more accessible with the aid of the Canada Job Grant. 

This is a government training subsidy where Dealers can get up to 83% of government funding for training and in some provinces 100% funding for New Hires! We have helped many dealers across Canada secure 100’s of thousands of dollars and we can help you too!

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Together we can help you build the highest performing teams in all departments and environments without a massive price tag! 

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